Let’s Get Started!

Hi!  I’m Kristen K.  Last summer my then-fiance (now husband) Andrew and I were walking at our local state park and I was once again feeling stressed out, tired, and a bit out of shape.  And like every other night, I watched as countless runners ran by us on the trail.  I said to Andrew, “I wonder if I could run a mile?”  The very next day, I ran my first mile since high school.  It hurt…but it also felt really good in that post-running sort of way.  I couldn’t believe I had run an entire mile without stopping!  After training for a few months, I ran my first 5k in that very same park.  And since then, I’ve run 6 more races including a 5 miler (in the snow!) and a 10k.  Not every race went perfectly, but I’ve learned something about myself each time I crossed that finish line.  I took a short break from running so that I could focus on my wedding, but I have missed running!  So here I am, ready to get back into running – and stay here for good.  And to help make sure that I stay on track, I signed up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon on February 24th!  I’m excited to start training and to share my journey with you!  Hopefully this blog will be a place where I can share my experiences with running and all of the other fun stuff in my life!  Although if I start blogging about milkshakes too much, feel free to call me out  🙂

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